Speak to me and not at me – the real secret of success for political lobbyists

Many companies do it, at least when they are selling products and services.
NGOs do it when they are fundraising.
Political communication living in the past?
When it comes to political communication most companies and NGOs seem unable to do it. Greenpeace is an exception. Their successful campaigns have all the hallmarks of someone who knows all about Social Network Analysis and Value Communication.
Too often corporate and NGO political communication comes down to a deep belief in religious conversion by words alone. A lot of people think that if you send a letter and a position paper the politician, adviser,or official  that they will realise the errors of their way, and accept the new gospel presented to them.I am sure it happens – it is just that even at this time of year, my belief in religious epiphanies is low.
The improbabilities of this happening seems to be lost on too many.  The smart will at least anticipate and reflect the concerns of their intended audience in their outreach.
 I am only suggesting this as I have tried this out for clients. I informed them what we were going to do.  It works.
The smart, or those with a lot of political challenges,  turn to it.
Google are facing a lot of political challenges in Europe. They are running a series of advertisements on paper and online. They are running a series in the Economist that is very smart.
Speak to Prospectors
Speak to Settlers
Speak to Pioneers
Specific policy communities
Android  are speaking to very specific groups in society. They are using  the very  words, images and emotions that speak personally to these audiences.
I am sure there will be an ad that speaks directly to Danish Liberal women.