Environment Committee Meets 18 March

On 18 March 2015 the EP’s Environment Committee met.

Many of the members were absent attending a delegation visit to Washington DC.

The next meeting will be on 26 March the Committee. They will meet only in the morning and have a discussion with Health Commissioner Andriukaitis. This will be lively.

.The environment committee will meet with AGRI Committee on cloning of animals (16 April) a file they work together on.

ILUC (Amendment to the Fuel Quality Directive)

Negotiations Fuel Quality Directive, first trialogue 10 March in Strasbourg, eating between EP, Council and Commission delegation and good progress was made. An open minded

They face a tight timeline to secure an agreement, and a 2nd trialogue meeting will be on 24 Match.


Maritime Transport Monitoring CO2

As the Council text the same as reached in trialogue talks, the text will be confirmed. The vote in environment committee will be on 26 March, and the vote in Plenary will be in the 2nd half of  April.


Plastic Bags

The Council’s position is in conformity with the position reached in the trialogue. The vote in Committee is set for 31 March and a vote in the  full Parliament will be in the 2nd half of April.


Commission outlines updates proposal on veterinary medicinal proposal

The discussion here was interesting. The focus was on microbial resistance from the over use of anti-bioctics. Also, a theme kept coming up about the impact of these rules on innovation or at least the deadening hand of these rules on innovation.