An aligned approach for endocrine disruptors soon?

What seems a long time ago, the European Commission tabled two proposals for Endocrine Disruptor Criteria. One for biocides and one for pesticides.  From the start, the Commission wanted a joined up approach. They just want the same regulatory  approach taken for pesticides, biocides, and indeed for anything else.

It has not been easy getting these rules agreed. Their hopes of an aligned approach appeared to be derailed in October. Then a text on biocides was accepted by the Member States and European Parliament,  but rejected for pesticides by the Parliament.

Today, the Commission came back to the drawing board and submitted a new proposal (see below).

It stands a good chance of being adopted. It removes an exemption for insect growth regulators. This was put forward by Germany. The European Parliament objected to it for rule of law concerns – it exceeded the strict limitations of delegated legislation. Without the offending provisions it should sail through.

Government officials look at on 12 or 13 December and may even vote on it. If they back it, the Parliament will let it through, and an aligned approach may well come true after several years.  Inevitably it will then start to work its way across other legislation.

Civil servants, who are often lawyers, like legal certainty and order. They may well secure it for Endocrine.


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