Smart Political Advertising hits Brussels

At nearly 47, I don’t get impressed easily.

This morning reading the Economist, in the Europe section, I saw an excellent advertisement. It was an advertisement by android.

Here it is.





It’s part of a series of stories android are telling.

The self same ad popped up in twitter (micro-targeting the Brussels Bubble) and Politico.

This campaign can’t be cheap. Two pagers in the Economist are not cheap.


Values Work

But, what is really is impressive about the campaign is the depth of thinking that android have put into it.

What’s really smart, and is hardly ever done by companies, is that each story hits a different “Value” Communities.

They speak to Pioneers like me, Prospectors and Settlers.

It shows a degree of political sophistication that companies public affairs departments usually just don’t grasp. Most political positioning in Brussels (and to be fair nearly everywhere else) ¬†advances as far as “Back this, it is good for me, so vote for it”. That it is does not really work, does not seem to bother many people.

What’s interesting is that many companies marketing and advertising departments do know what sells to their target audiences. The advertisements they use work and they speak to the values of their customers.



Android is a Google product. Google is having some difficulties with the Commission. I am sure the campaign and antitrust cases have a link, but I may just be getting old. I prefer apple.


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